84% have higher revenue

Companies that focus on a positive customer experience see increased revenue.

8 times faster

8% faster growth

Companies with a positive customer experience grow in revenue 4-8% faster than their direct competitors.


30% less cost

Focusing on the customer experience can cut your complaint handling costs by up to 30%.


Customers stay 4x longer

Customers with a positive customer experience remain loyal to your brand four times longer. Increasing your retention by 2% gives you the same financial benefits as reducing costs by 10%.


Customers spend 40% more

Customers with a positive customer experience spend 40% more than those with a negative experience.

70% invest in CX

70% of the most customer-friendly companies in Belgium structurally invest in the customer experience.


Thanks to new technologies, social media, new business models and competitors’ innovations, customers are now better informed than ever before. The balance of power has reversed: now it’s your customers who have options and power to influence you as a company.

And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Because they are your source of income and growth – and companies that focus on giving them a positive experience see this reflected in their figures.

The impact of CX on your customers

If someone asked you about the last pleasant experience you had with a company, you might think of that one time you received excellent service – before going home as a lifetime customer. More and more consumers are finding companies that are focusing on creating these positive experiences. Indeed: 79% of Belgians can immediately name a customer-friendly company.

The reverse is also true: we’re sure you can immediately think of a situation where you had a very bad experience. You probably had a lot of negative emotions, undoubtedly told friends and family, and maybe left a negative review or expressed your dissatisfaction on social media.

Customer Experience as an engine of growth

As a company, you need to be highly committed to the customer experience you offer: it’s a fast track to further growth. Companies that give their customers a positive experience not only have satisfied customers, but also see many other benefits such as increased revenue.



What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is the impression you give customers as your company or brand. It determines how people think about you before, during and after every interaction they have with you, and occurs every time they into contact with you: via chat with customer service, at the reception desk, on the phone with your sales team, reading your marketing emails…

So ask yourself: are customers pleased with the attention they get from your customer service? Or do they get frustrated by promises made by one department and not delivered by another?


There’s a good chance your customer experience is not always at the same level. Some contacts are better than others, because companies are usually more than just one person or team – which means that different people influence the customer experience. If your organisation doesn’t have a clear vision for the customer experience, employees use their own insights. And you run the risk of missing what you need to see.