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Elevate Your CX Offerings and Drive Client Success

Partner with us to help your clients create exceptional customer experiences that fuel growth and customer loyalty.

The challenge

Today’s CX consulting and training professionals face unique CX-related challenges their clients need help solving. Do your clients struggle with:

  • Inconsistent customer experiences that undermine their brand promise?
  • Siloed teams lacking a shared understanding of customer-centric principles?
  • Underdeveloped customer service skills that lead to frustrated customers?
  • Difficulty measuring the impact of their CX initiatives on key business metrics?

If so, you can be the catalyst for their transformation!

Why Partners Choose CXM Academy

We believe in the power of partnership. Here’s how we empower you to expand your services and achieve even greater results for your clients

proven methodology

Proven Methodology

Our CXM Foundations program is based on European CX best practices, providing a comprehensive and effective framework for building customer-centric organizations.


Flexible Delivery

Deliver training fully online, in a hybrid format, or in-person, allowing you to tailor your services to meet diverse client needs.

expert support

Expert Support

We provide marketing materials, sales guidance, and ongoing support to help you effectively position and sell our CX solutions.



Join a network of driven CX professionals, collaborate on opportunities, and gain access to exclusive resources.

Is a CXM Academy Partnership Right for You?

You are passionate about transforming businesses through exceptional customer experiences.

You have a track record of success in consulting, training, or a related field.

You’re eager to expand your offerings with cutting-edge CX solutions and build a thriving business.


The Journey of a CXM Academy Licensed Practitioner


Attend CXM Licensed Practitioner Training

Deeply understand our methodology and its applications for your clients.


Join the Partner Network

Become a Certified Licensed Practitioner and gain access to our partner resources.


Market & Sell

Utilize our support materials to effectively promote and sell CXM Foundations to your clients.


Deliver & Grow

Deliver high-impact CX training, drive measurable results for your clients, and grow your business.


Partner Solutions: Unlock the Power of CX Master Academy

As a CX consultant or trainer, you need the best solutions to address your clients’ diverse needs.

A CXM Academy partnership gives you access to a cutting-edge training program and the support to deliver it confidently.

A CX Master Academy program is ideal if your clients want to:

  • Build a consistent, customer-focused culture across their organization.
  • Empower their frontline teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Break down silos and foster collaboration centered on the customer.
  • Measure the impact of CX initiatives and make data-driven decisions.

Beyond the training

A partnership with CXM Academy extends beyond delivering our core program. We’re committed to your success.

How we help you grow


Customization Support

Work with our experts to tailor the CX Master Academy content and create unique solutions to meet specific client needs.

thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Access our insights on CX trends and best practices to position yourself as an expert in the field.


Co-Marketing Opportunities

Collaborate on webinars, case studies, or joint client events to increase your visibility.

Take the Next Step

Ready to elevate your CX offerings and drive success for both your clients and your own business?