CXM Professional: Become the superpower of your organization’s exceptional customer experience

A comprehensive, career-accelerating CX training program designed to give you the knowledge you need as experienced professional


Departments lack a unified understanding of the customer journey, leading to fragmented experiences

CX initiatives are often reactive, addressing problems rather than proactively anticipating customer needs.

Current CX professionals possess foundational knowledge but require deeper expertise to drive real change.

There’s a shortage of CX professionals equipped to champion a truly customer-centric culture and transformation.


We help you break down silos
Our curriculum helps you understand how to rally everyone around the CX strategy.

Shift from Reactive to Proactive
Learn how to anticipate customer needs, design proactive solutions, and drive continuous improvement.

Leadership Development
Acquire the skills to champion CX transformation, engage stakeholders, and build a customer-centric culture.

Unlock Your Full Potential
Elevate your career with advanced skills and knowledge in CX strategy, measurement, journey mapping, experience design, and change management.


Broad understanding of CX
Gain a 360-degree view of CX, from Customer Promise and measurement to journey mapping and experience design.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Learn to harness CX data to inform strategy, optimize processes, and demonstrate ROI.

Become a certified CX Professional
Validate your expertise and lead the way in Customer Experience.

Competitive Advantage
Differentiate your organization through exceptional customer experiences.

Career Advancement
Position yourself as a sought-after CX expert with the knowledge and confidence to lead.

How we help you become a CX Professional

CXM Professional is your gateway to becoming a CX powerhouse, equipping you with the expertise and confidence to drive customer-centric change across your organization. We go beyond theory, providing a unique blend of practical frameworks, proven methodologies, and inspiration from leading European companies.


Build a solid CX skillset

Master the essential principles of customer experience management, from understanding the financial impact of CX to defining your organization’s Customer Promise.


Develop deep expertise

Gain the skills to align CX initiatives with business goals, create actionable roadmaps, and measure the impact of your efforts.


Know how to use data

Learn to leverage customer data and advanced analytics to uncover actionable insights and optimize the customer journey.


Design exceptional experiences

Apply human-centered design principles and journey mapping techniques to create seamless, personalized customer experiences.


Lead CX transformation

Gain the confidence to champion CX initiatives, overcome internal resistance, and foster a customer-centric culture that permeates your entire organization.


Know how to run fantastic workshops

Organizing a workshop and leading one are two entire different things. We help you to get the most out of co-creation workshops.

The CXM Professional program is your roadmap to becoming a CX superstar. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to make you the experienced professionals with advanced knowledge and skills needed to drive transformative change:


  • Customer Experience through the eyes of CX professionals: Deepen your understanding of customer experience management principles and best practices specifically tailored for CX professionals.


  • Decoding the Voice of Customer: Learn how to effectively leverage the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to gather rich customer insights, translate them into actionable strategies, and measure the impact of CX initiatives.


  • Advanced Journey mapping: Go beyond basic customer journeys. Master advanced mapping techniques to tailor to hidden patterns in customer behavior, mediate root causes of customer dissatisfaction, and design future customer journeys.


  • Customer Experience design: Apply human-centered design principles to create exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints. Leverage design thinking frameworks to develop innovative solutions that address customer needs and exceed expectations.


  • Employee engagement & Change management: Foster a culture of customer-centricity where every employee understands their role in delivering exceptional CX. Learn effective change management processes to ensure successful implementation of CX initiatives and overcome resistance to change.

CXM Professional is designed for flexibility and impact, catering to the needs of busy CX professionals. Our online modules, crafted by instructional designers, adult learning experts, and seasoned CX professionals, guarantee an engaging and effective learning experience. Choose our fully online format for ultimate convenience, or opt for our classroom model together with your colleagues, ensuring every CX professional has the opportunity to elevate their expertise.


Practical Information


Program Format and Flexibility

CXM Professional is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Choose from two options:

  • Fully Online
    Learn at your own pace with our expertly crafted online modules, featuring engaging videos, interactive exercises, and real-world case studies.
  • In-Person Classroom Experience
    Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment with your CX colleagues, led by our certified instructors.

Program Length

The online program allows for flexible completion, while the in-person classroom option spans a full day of training.


Our online modules are developed by experienced CX practitioners, ensuring you receive practical, real-world insights. Classroom sessions are led by CXM Academy certified instructors who are passionate about sharing their expertise.


Upon successful completion of the program, including the final CX project, you’ll be awarded the in-demand CXM Professional Certificate of Achievement. This certificate demonstrates your commitment to customer-centricity and your mastery of the advanced CX skills and knowledge covered in the program.


We offer flexible pricing plans based on the size of your organization and your chosen delivery model (fully online, instructor-led).

Content Access

Training materials and resources remain available to participants for one year, allowing for continued learning and reference.

Language Options

Modules are delivered in English, ensuring accessibility for your global workforce.

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